Domestic Violence can affect your future.

All too often I am asked whether or not someone arrested for domestic violence or battery needs an attorney to represent them. After all it is just a misdemeanor, right? It’s not like you are charged with a felony and lose your rights. WRONG. Domestic violence is one of those key charges that can follow you everywhere you go.

Job seeking within the education department, medical field, law enforcement, childcare, etc is almost nonexistent. A conviction for domestic violence can take away simple pleasures with your children such as applying to be a school volunteer or chaperone.

  • Domestic violence can hinder your ability to gain or maintain employment.

What will a domestic charge do to my military career?

A domestic violence conviction is critical if you are a service member in the military. A conviction for domestic violence for a military member means you lose your right to brandish a weapon. Your right to carry a firearm is gone and so goes your opportunity and ability to be deployable for the U.S. Military. For some soldiers this could mean career suicide. For others it can be loss of rank, loss of station and loss of opportunity.

Domestic violence arrests happen more often than necessary. If you have a domestic dispute and law enforcement is called, you can guarantee someone is going to jail. More often than not an arrest is unwarranted and needless. Officers will make the arrest to avoid being the statistical occurrence where someone was seriously injured. That being said, an arrest WILL happen. What you do immediately following the arrest can greatly affect the outcome of your case.

Witnesses, injuries or lack thereof are crucial in a domestic violence case. Gathering as much information as possible and contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible can mean all the difference in the outcome of the case.

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Life can be difficult enough. Don’t let a life altering charge follow you…

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