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Bail Bonds / Warrants

At my criminal defense law firm, I not only represent clients in court, I help long before the court date. I provide guidance, advice, and resources if you or a family member have been arrested – specifically, help with a Bail Bond or Arrest Warrant in Okaloosa County.

If you know there is a warrant out there hanging over your head, I can help you relieve some of the stress. If you are afraid of getting arrested on your Florida warrant while you’re with your family or at work, or you’re from out of state and have had a family member arrested in this area, I can assist in solving this problem.

Fort Walton Bail Bond Lawyer

If you were involved in an incident where charges might be filed against you, there is a good chance there is an active warrant against you right now. That means that even if you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation (even in another state), you will be arrested and detained. And if you are from another state, you’ll likely be incarcerated pending extradition to Florida.

There is a better way. Just call me and I will verify whether there is a warrant against you.

More importantly, I will verify whether there is a bond on the warrant.

What does this mean? If there is a bond on the warrant, I can arrange for you to turn yourself in, do some paperwork, post bond, and you can walk out without spending one minute in jail. I will be there with you every step of the way. Call me today at 850-243-6097.

Information About Bail Bonds and Warrants in Florida

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Bail Bonds

A bail bond can be obtained if the Judge who signed the arrest warrant approved a bond being set. Normally, a bail bond requires that you post 10% of the total amount with a bail bondsmen. This amount is paid with the promise that the client will appear for all required court appearances. Of course, if you also hire a Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorney, you will not have to appear personally for all of your court hearings. I can attend some of them for you, and this will satisfy your bond.

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Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is also known as a capias. An arrest warrant may be issued against you if you were involved in an incident but weren’t arrested right away. Typically this happens when the police need to continue their investigation before making a decision about whether to file charges.

Either way, if you think there is even a small chance there is a warrant against you, get some peace of mind and call me – there is no charge for speaking with me. I would be happy to check whether you have a warrant.

Additionally, an arrest warrant can also be issued against you if you fail to appear in court. This is much more serious because usually, there will not be a bond with this type of warrant. If you failed to appear in court, I strongly urge you to contact me right away. I may be able to negotiate a bond for you before you turn yourself in or get picked up. That way, you can turn yourself in, post bond, and be on your way.

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Need a Recommendation For a Good Bail Bond Company?

If you need to arrange bail, I can recommend a very good bail bond company that helps individuals that have been arrested in Okaloosa County.

And this company is very good at what they do.

Recently, they helped me with an out of town client facing very serious charges. They met with my client at my office, completed all of the paperwork with my client, and then went with my client to turn herself in and post bond.

The entire process took less than 30 minutes and the warrant was resolved. No more looking over her shoulder. No more worrying.

Don’t get picked up or arrested while you’re with your family. Call a Fort Walton Beach bail bond and warrant attorney right away at 850-243-6097.

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